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Mark & Jerrilyn Jurgeneit


They have two sons Aiden (left) and Ethan (right).


Mark and Jerrilyn finished their DTS in 2006 at the YWAM Kona base. They also staffed at the Kona base, and were directors at the base in Mangere (South Auckland), New Zealand from 2010-2012. They have lead and/or oversaw outreaches to places like Fiji, China, India, Namibia, Amazonas, Mexico, Cuba, and First Nations Reserves in northern Canada.


Mark and Jerrilyn are relational and have a heart for bringing a “family-type” atmosphere wherever they go.  They know that God is a relational God, and so believe that they are to build relationships and walk through life with those God brings into their lives. This is their heart in discipleship.


Amanda Isaacs

DTS Leader

Amanda Isaacs is from Six Nations, Ontario.

She completed her DTS at the first YWAM Muskoka in 2014 and has been on staff since then. She is a nurturing spirit, whose home cooked food and "kitchen talks" warm the heart and nourish the soul. A deep well and a listening heart.

Amanda has a heart for the nations and longs to see every generation walk in their healing and freedom that is found in Christ.


Bob & Kimberly Wahl

DTS Leader

Bob & Kimberly Wahl have come alongside the YWAM Muskoka base from its beginning. They have 7 children, three daughters-in-law, two sons-in-law, and 5 grandchildren.  

Kim did her DTS at the Tyler, Texas base in 1986 and Bob completed his DTS at the same base in 1989 when they were newlyweds. 


Bob and Kim's passion is to see people walk in freedom and wholeness in God as He leads them through the transformational journey of "head to heart" during DTS. 
Bob and Kim have a heart for family and know that 'family' isn't always blood. God continues to expand their family in the communities they live and grow together with.


John & Hannah Kim

2023 DTS Leader

John and Hannah did their DTS at YWAM Muskoka in 2018 and began staffing the year after. They left South Korea to follow God's calling.

John is called to be a worshiper and has a gift for serving and teaching people. Hannah is called to be an intercessor of prayer, and through her prayers, she changes the atmosphere in her surrounding. They have a heart for the next generation, trained as warriors with a God-given vision to go out into the world and make an impact in their respective areas. They are ready to go wherever God tells them to go with an obedient heart. 

Sarah Rahm

2023 Staff

Sarah joined YWAM Muskoka as a student in 2018 and began staffing the year after. She enjoys being part of God's transforming work by encouraging and coming alongside staff and students, to help and serve in whatever way God calls her to. She likes to laugh and have fun while being creative with God and getting inspired by nature. She is a team player who believes we all have something to give and can't wait to discover the treasures God has placed in us. She looks forward to celebrating your homecoming. 


Jacob Ricottone

2023 Staff

Jacob did his DTS in the Fall of 2021 in Niagara Falls/Muskoka. God led him through a pretty incredible journey through that time and definitely showed him a lot about His Character. He has definitely gained a love for God and all that he has in store for his creation and a heart for seeing the broken things be made new. He loves to play instruments (as many as he can figure out how to play), Snowboarding, and board games. He is so excited about what God wants to do in this DTS.


Lorna & Dale Mcquillan


Dale and Lorna got married in 2018. Lorna completed her DTS in Mangere, New Zealand and Dale in Kona, Hawaii. They are a powerhouse couple on fire for the Lord. Evangelism, intercession, prophetic, a love for Truth and coming alongside what God is doing within the younger generation is what makes this couple so dynamic.


Jon & Tami Masson


Jon and Tami Masson were married in July 2008.  They have 3 children, Seth, Amayah, and Levi.
Jon did his DTS in 2005 at the base in Homer, Alaska, and Tami did hers in Kona, Hawaii in 2010.


This quirky couple loves to laugh and bring joy to everyone they meet. Their fun and outgoing personalities combined with their love for Jesus propels them into living a life of evangelism – sharing the love of Christ in their home, the streets, the marketplace, and church.

Their heart is to lead people into life-changing encounters with the Father through the power of the Holy Spirit and the Truth of Jesus.

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