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IBS Online Weekly Bible Seminar

Welcome to IBS Online Weekly Bible Seminar

Taking the SBS Experience to Our Churches!

If you are passionate about studying the Bible and do not know where to start this is definitely your best and easiest path to the YWAM SBS* world! With classes meeting only once a week online and other students sharing the same passion, you will enjoy this interactive course featuring real teaching on zoom, group discussions, and live demonstrations with the help of seasoned SBS teachers.

*"SBS": YWAM "School of Biblical Studies"

About IBS Seminar

What this Course is all about

The overall objective of the Inductive Bible Study (IBS) Seminar is to engage regular church-goers, working people, full-time students, YWAM staff, and all those who are unable, due to time limitations, to attend a regular 9 month SBS Bible course. It will enable them to learn how to study the Bible using the Inductive Method, hence empowering them to equip their churches with this powerful tool to be able to lead strong Bible study groups in their communities. By introducing the SBS method in a very simplified manner while keeping its strong inductive approach, we want to train more leaders in Christian ministries to embrace the inductive biblical approach and be able to serve their churches with strong biblical foundations.

At the heart of everything that we do is our commitment to making SBS teaching and resources accessible to the church and communities we serve. We invite you to explore this precious course and join learners from all cultural backgrounds and levels.

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

- Learn the general principles of the SBS Inductive Bible Study Method for the Whole New Testament.

- Understand the different New Testament types of literary genres and how to study each genre inductively.

- You will learn how to observe, interpret, and apply the New Testament biblical passages and how to use external resources to understand in depth the Word of God.

- Acquire the basic tools to prepare teaching from a Bible passage and develop self-confidence to lead and present a simple Bible study session.

This course was designed to suit working people, enabling them to learn during interactive 2.5-hour weekly sessions with a minimal requirement of personal workload and assignments. Those who desire to follow the course with credits will earn a total of 3 credit hours with the University of the Nations.

Course Format

2.5 hours once a week

This course does not follow the distant learning general pattern of individual study using videos and submitting assignments. Instead, it is an online class via Zoom where students learn together and work together over 2.5 hr weekly sessions for a total of 80 hrs. They have short assignments and a final presentation to submit for graduation.
For more information on different available class times please contact us at  +1-844-951-7676 or email us at

Course Accreditation 

This Online course is accredited by Youth With A Mission’s University of the Nations Extension Studies program and upon completion of all requirements, students will receive a total of 3 credits with the U of N.Based on a partnership with YWAM, this course is also accredited by City Vision University, Kansas City, MO USA.

Available Languages and Resources 

This course's sessions and resource materials are fully available in English, and Arabic, with the possibility of the French language being added in the near future. In addition to live teaching via Zoom by SBS teachers, students will have access to a wealth of written material and online video teachings to enrich their learning experience and remind them of what they learned during class times.

Student Testimonies


The course registration fee is $100 (USD) for more information on available payment methods please email us at:

Starting Date

Upon completion of registration, you will be contacted by a staff member to discuss the class weekday that matches your availability. 

Luke 24:45 

"Then he opened their minds to understand the Scriptures,"

Apply Now

If you feel this course is for you and you want to enroll or you simply need more information please contact us 

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