Due to Covid-19 we will unfortunately not be running this year. We are, however, taking applications for next summer. Hope to see you then. 

Mission Adventures is an exciting, life changing opportunity for youth to grow in God, discover, and deepen in their God-given identity while living out what they've learned in a cross-cultural short-term outreach.

We have a passionate desire to see the next generation be equipped not just for a mission adventure, but be equipped for a life filled with everyday adventures with God! We love being a part of the transformation that happens to those that come through our Discipleship Training Schools (DTS) and Mission Adventures is just a little taste of what that's like. It’s really something powerful to come to a picturesque setting like Muskoka and meet God through nature and authentic community.

The word “community” has become so cliché, that we want to assure you that we are truly about family. It’s not just a cool word to us, but we truly care about being family to one another as God our Father would want us to be. We care about helping people feel welcomed, valued, important and cared for because that’s how God treats His children! We care about what God wants to do in each individual life and take our role of leadership seriously as He instructs us to do in the books of 1st and 2nd Timothy. We want you to leave this experience so in awe of God and His family!


Quality Training
Transformation and growth


 “People of Israel, you are my witnesses,” announces the Lord.  “I have chosen you to be my servant. I wanted you to know me and believe in me.  I wanted you to understand that I AM the one and only God. Before me, there was no other god at all.  And there will not be any god after me."  Isaiah 43:1-10  (NIRV) 


This summer, you'll get to be a living witness of the Great I AM! In the first weeks of MA, you will come to truly know, understand and experience the Great I AM.  Then share this awesome God with others on the short-term outreach. Come join us and grow in your own identity as you understand God's identity!

 "Doing my mission adventure was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made...when I went to do my mission adventure, I was struggling in my faith 

and now I’m closer with God and have a better relationship with Him and can talk to him every day and know that I’m being heard and loved on and encouraged by Him."

Mikayla Bleau, did her MA when she was 15


    $850 CAD which includes:

    In Class teaching and resources

    Meals and accommodation

    Outdoor recreation including camping trip, and outdoor electives

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